City Labyrinth: Norwich Edition

City Labyrinth - a Bafflements Game

An emergency lockdown has left Lizzie trapped, buried deep in the heart of of a labyrinthine council building. While researching tales of fabulous treasure buried under the castle, the lights went out, the main computer shut down, the doors slammed shut and the locks activated. Her only hope is you! Can you find the answers she needs to unlock the twelve doors that stand between her and freedom?


What: A glorious challenge combined with a fun and informative stroll through some of Norwich’s many tales. Ideal for anyone aged 8 to 80 to discover this beautiful city and its historical highlights.
When: Anytime during daylight hours.
Duration: 70 – 90 minutes average (no time limit).
Starts from: Theatre Street, Norwich NR2 1RQ
Difficulty: Medium

What do I need?

  • A fully charged smartphone (Android or iOS).
  • A team of enthusiastic detectives (any number can play, with up to 6 phones linked to the same game).
  • The Roamr app, a free download from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

This is a self-guided game played on the Roamr mobile app. An exciting challenge and intriguing story are combined with images and directions, taking you to key points around the location to find the solutions to a series of puzzles. You can play the same game on up to 6 phones per team, with the next puzzle unlocking automatically as each one is solved. Hints are available to help you out if you need them, so you’ll never get stuck.