Outdoor Games

We’ve teamed up with the brilliant Roamr mobile app to launch an exciting new range of outdoor games in some of England’s most beautiful and historic locations.

Each game plunges you into a miniature adventure as you tour the sights of towns and cities, searching for the solutions to puzzles that will help you find stolen jewels, evade the long arm of the law or find the lost keys to the treasures of the local museum!

All you need is a smartphone and the Roamr app – download it for free now, then choose your game.

Download the Roamr app on the App StoreGet the Roamr app on Google Play

Follow these steps to get the game into the app on your phone. Your team mates can join the same game, and the app will keep you all in sync as you play.

Check the menu or use the image links below for the locations of our current games. We’ll be launching new titles regularly, so check back soon to see if we’ve brought fun to somewhere near you!


Canterbury, Kent

Ely, Cambridgeshire

Hastings, East Sussex


Norwich, Norfolk