Play-at-home Games FAQ

Answers to all your questions about our play-at-home games!

Some answers vary between the print-and-cut-out games and the online-only games. Please see the relevant part of the answers for the game you are thinking of playing:


MI9: Evade and Escape
Firebreak: London Ablaze!


Sleighing It!

Q. Is there a time limit once I’ve purchased a game?

A. Not until you have started the game. You can download the print-at-home PDF anytime after making your purchase. Once that’s done you can start to play whenever you like, but the access code for the online part of the game only remains valid for 36 hours after its first use.​

Q. Can I play the games more than once?

​​A. Like all escape rooms, they are designed to be played through once. By completing the game you have solved all the puzzles, so playing it again is not really an option. ​

Q. What happens to my game access code after 36 hours?

A. The game system is secured to prevent people from playing without paying. We give you 36 hours to complete your game once you have started playing, then your game access code ceases to be valid. The time limit only applies from when you first use your game access code, not from when you purchased it.​

Q. Do I have unlimited access to download the PDF?

A. No, the PDF is secured with a watermark linked to your order and you are limited to a maximum of 7 downloads. You can have up to 6 players per game, so that’s plenty enough even if each player needs to download their own copy.​

Q. Do I need a printer?

A. Only for print-and-cut-out games, and only if you want to play a game right now! If you’re in the UK and can wait a few days, purchase the “Printed & Posted (UK Only)” version, and we’ll send you a colour-printed copy via first-class post.

Q. Can the person who prints and cuts out game participate in the game without any major spoilers?

A. Printing and cutting out won’t give the game away at all. The game is only revealed as you work through the printed and online elements together, so the cutter-outer(s) will be at no more or less of a disadvantage and can enjoy joining in as much as the rest of the team.

Q. I’m not in the UK, can I still play a game?

A. Print-at-home games can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection, although the games are only available in English. We don’t offer an overseas printed and posted version as it would probably be cheaper for you to download the pdf and get it printed locally.

Q. What do I need to play?

A. Print-and-cut-out games: You’ll need a computer, tablet or other connected device with a modern web browser (Firefox, Edge, Safari or Chrome)., a printer, scissors, and sticky tape or glue. Some games recommend other household items, such as a standard-sized baked bean can, but you can play the game without them.

Online-only games: You’ll need a computer with a modern web browser (Firefox, Edge, Safari or Chrome) and an Internet connection.

Q. How long does the game take to prepare?

A. Print-and-cut-out games: Cutting out and preparing the game elements takes about 20 minutes. It’s a fun activity for the family in itself!

Online-only games: no preparation other than logging on to the game URL and connecting to your fellow players by video call.

Q. How long does the game take to play?

A. Print-and-cut-out games are designed to last around 90 minutes, although you may be quicker or slower. An on-screen clock keeps track of your time, but there’s no time limit other than the 36-hour validity of the game code. Feel free to share a screenshot of the final section and tag us to show off your winning time!

The online-only game Sleighing It! should take 45 minutes to 1 hour to play.

Q. What does the game consist of?

A. Print-and-cut-out games: When you purchase a game you’ll receive an email with a link to download a personalised PDF of the contents to cut out – this forms the physical part of the game.

All games: A link in your confirmation email will take you to the online part, which you access with a code from your email. This sets the scene for the game with video and audio clips, charts your progress through the game, and provides hints if you need a little extra help.

Q. Can more than one person be logged on to the online part of the game​?

A: Yes, up to six people can be logged on with the same access code, so you can play with friends or family anywhere in the world. Simply forward your confirmation email to the others you’d like to play with.

Print-and-cut-out games: Each player will need to answer the on-screen puzzles in their browser as you solve them. You can also share the PDF so everyone has a copy of the paper parts of the game that they can print if they want.

Online-only games: The games are kept in sync, so you can each explore different parts of the game and solve puzzles separately. The other players’ version of the game will update automatically as each puzzle is solved.

Q. How many people can play?

A. Up to 6 computers or devices can be logged on to each game, but there’s no limit on the number of people sharing each device.

Q. Can I buy the game as a gift?

A. Of course! It makes a great gift for anybody who likes a puzzle or two. There is an option at the checkout to purchase it as a gift and send it to someone else.

Q. Can I play the online part of the game on my phone?

A. Print-and-cut-out games: A small screen might not give you the best experience, but the online elements can be played on devices with touch screens as well as computers with a keyboard and mouse.

Online-only games: These games need a mouse and a bigger screen so you can find and move things in the on-screen game setting.

Q. What type of browser do I need to play the game?

A. The games have been tested with the main modern browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge. They use some newer features that mean they’re not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Q. How much is there to print out?

A. The number of pages varies by game:

MI9: EVADE & ESCAPE: 21 A4 pages. The first page is just an introduction, so you don’t need to print it if you don’t want to.

FIREBREAK: LONDON ABLAZE!: 10 A4 pages. There is a second 11-page PDF with instructions and background information that doesn’t need to be printed.

Q. Do I need a colour printer?

A. MI9: EVADE & ESCAPE: No, the PDF is in colour to make the game as engaging and authentic as possible, but you can play perfectly well with a monochrome printout.

FIREBREAK: LONDON ABLAZE!: Yes, there are colour elements to some of the printed puzzles.

Q. How much data will I need to download?

​A. The total size of the games, including the PDFs, is around 50MB.

Q. What if I need to take a break during the game?

A. The web page for the game stores your time and progress in your browser as you play, so if you need to stop, just close the browser window. As long as you restart in the same browser on the same device, you can pick up exactly where you left off by choosing the page from your history.

Q. An escape game isn’t really an escape game without a combination padlock, though, is it?

A. We quite agree! 😉

Q. Can I play the game with just a keyboard?

A. Print-and-cut-out games: Yes, all the elements of the online game can be accessed with the keyboard. Use the tab key to select elements, the arrow keys to manipulate things that move (it’s an escape game, so you need to explore!) and the enter key or space bar to confirm your actions where necessary.

Online-only games: no, unfortunately – the game creation system these games are built on doesn’t support keyboard-only access.

Q. Are the video and audio elements subtitled?

A. Print-and-cut-out games: Yes, the video elements have subtitle tracks, and transcripts of audio elements can be viewed directly in the game. Just click or tap the subtitle button to the right of the playback controller.

Online-only games: Videos have burned-in subtitles.